Spiral Computed Tomography (CAT Scan)

What is computed tomography for horses?

The UF Equine Lameness & Imaging service is equipped with a Toshiba Computed Tomography (CT) scanner with a specially designed table for use in examining horses. Computed tomography is an advanced form of X-ray that obtains multi-plane images of bone used to diagnose problems in the musculoskeletal system. 2D images may also be reconstructed to obtain 3D images of complex or injured anatomy.

When would my veterinarian recommend a CT for my horse?

Many lameness issues require extremely detailed images of bone structures. Also, conditions affecting the skull and sinuses of horses are best imaged using CT. A CT can help diagnose lameness problems, especially complex or occult fractures. Conditions and growths in the sinuses, problems with teeth, and temporomandibular joint conditions all may be imaged using CT.

How can CT images benefit my horse?

CT images can lead to quicker diagnosis and more detailed results for lameness or poor performance issues, allowing more appropriate and specific treatment plans.

Computed Tomography at the UF Veterinary Hospitals

The UF Veterinary Hospitals are equipped with an Aquilion Toshiba 160-slice multidetector-row CT scanner with a specially designed table for use in examining horses.

  • Images are collected in three planes in very small slices allowing highly detailed images and the ability to produce a reconstructed 3D image.
  • X-rays are emitted in a circular direction around the horse and are captured by a detector array within the gantry.
  • X-rays are emitted easily pass through some structures but cannot pass through others, like bone or metal. This produces an image made up of various shades of black and white that correspond to tissue density.

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