When you pull up to the green gates, the after-hours emergency phone is located to your left

Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Protocol

If you are arriving after 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, on weekends or holidays, pull up to the green gates and use the telephone located to the left of the gate. You will be connected to the technician on-call who will open the gates for you to drive in.

Emergency Equine & Large Animal Care

The equine veterinarians at the UF Large Animal Hospital provide equine and large animal emergency care 24 hours a day, seven days a week to Gainesville, Ocala, Jacksonville and the surrounding areas throughout the state of Florida and beyond. Please call our main line at 352-392-2229 if you have an emergency. Visit our colic emergency page for more information.

A patient can be referred by the primary care veterinarian or the owner can call the hospital directly. It is critical that arrangements be made with the veterinarian on-call prior to arriving at the hospital if possible.

Emergency Procedures

After 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, on weekends, and on holidays, our answering service will receive your call and connect you to the appropriate doctor based on the information provided about the medical condition of the patient. All of our services work together quickly and efficiently to provide care for all equine and large animal patients in equine lameness & imaging, equine surgery, equine ophthalmology, emergency and colic care, neonatal and foal care, equine reproduction, and equine internal medicine.

All emergencies are received at our main hospital (map). Once you arrive, your horse or large animal will be stabilized and evaluated. An initial medical treatment plan will be provided and you will be required to leave a deposit equal to 50% of the high-end of the estimate. You and your primary care veterinarian will be updated daily and upon any changes in the patient’s condition. Contact us to discuss our financial services.

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Equine & Large Animal Rescue

Visit the UF College of Veterinary Medicine Web page for Equine & Large Animal Rescue.

UF Large Animal Hospital Veterinary Care

The UF Large Animal Hospital veterinarians treat equine and large animal patients from the Gainesville, Ocala and Jacksonville areas, including Alachua and Marion Counties in Florida, and our clients come from all over the United States. Contact us to speak to one of our specialists or to make an appointment.