Doctors & Staff

Heather Wells & Dr. Chris SanchezThe UF Large Animal Hospital is home to a wide range of individual veterinary specialty services staffed by board-certified specialists, residents, interns and supported by highly trained veterinary technicians. Having a large number of specialists under one roof allows us to offer the most advanced diagnostic and treatment options to our animal patients including horses, goats, cattle, alpacas, llamas, pigs and other large farm and food animals.

Board-certified specialists are graduate veterinarians that have completed a one year internship followed by a three year residency program. They then must pass a rigorous examination to become board-certified in their specialty.

Residents are graduate veterinarians that have typically completed a one year general internship and are now pursuing advanced training in a specific specialty under the guidance of board-certified specialists. Most residency programs are three years.

Interns are graduate veterinarians who participate in a one year training program that centers on internal medicine, surgery, and emergency medicine, but allows for training in other specialties as well.

Our technical and administrative staff are dedicated to providing our patients with the best veterinary care and clients with the best experience possible during their visit to the UF Large Animal Hospital. Without the support of this great team of individuals, we would not be able to deliver superb patient care.