Patient Visitation Policy

As a hospital first and foremost, patient care is our highest priority here at the University of Florida Large Animal Hospital. The following procedures are designed to accommodate our clients’ desire to visit the patient. These procedures allow our clinicians and nursing staff to provide the proper care and permit that many important service activities in the hospital to proceed uninterrupted. We appreciate your understanding and compliance with our policy.


  • 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Other times by special arrangement with the attending clinician.
  • For short durations (less than one hour)


  • Visitors must check in at the front desk. This would include signing the daily log and obtaining a visitor pass which should be worn at all times during their visit.
  • Visitors must be escorted to the barn and stall their animal is assigned. They can visit only their own animal and cannot tour the facility, inspect other patients or read any documents that pertain to other patients.
  • Visitors should stay outside the stall of their own animal unless invited to enter or given permission to enter by the clinician or staff member escorting them.
  • Visitors may not bring dogs or any other pets with them. While your animal may be comfortable and familiar with your pet, the other patients may not, and we must respect the needs of all patients.
  • Visitors should not give their animals any food without checking with the staff to ensure it will not interfere with medical treatments in progress or planned.
  • Activities such as grooming, walking and grazing should be performed in accordance with infection control standards and only under the direction of the clinician on the case.

Thank you for helping us provide the best care for all our patients!