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The UF Large Animal Hospital provides state-of-the-art veterinary diagnostic and treatment techniques to equine and large animals from Gainesville, Ocala, Jacksonville and all other areas. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Our purpose-built facilities were made with the large animal in mind and have the ability to provide the best care for the most sensitive and complicated cases. Our facilities are equipped with specialized divided stalls for mare and foal, special colic facilities and stalls for extended stays, and climate control for extreme weather conditions or when needed for the patient.

UF Large Animal Hospital

The UF Large Animal Hospital was funded by Alec P. and Louise H. Courtelis. Without their support, the new hospital we have today would not have been possible.

Horse statue in front of the Large Animal Hospital

Equine Performance Laboratory

The UF Equine Performance Laboratory studies the effects of drugs on athletic performance, in addition to injury and surgical techniques in race horses.

Horse on the Equine Performance Treadmill

Equine & Large Animal Surgery

The UF Large Animal Hospital has three surgical operating rooms for elective and emergency surgeries. Patients are referred to our equine surgery service from all over the United States and our veterinarians are known for using the most advanced techniques and equipment.

UF Equine and large animal surgery

Diagnostic Imaging

The UF Veterinary Hospitals MRI unit is a Toshiba Titan, ultra-wide bore, high-field 1.5 Tesla magnet. It is the largest gantry on a short-bore MRI manufactured to date. Our board-certified veterinary radiologists provide highly detailed images of damage in bone and soft tissue with greater precision than any other imaging modality.

Diagnostic Imaging

Reception & Waiting Area

The Bama McNeil Whitney Hospital entrance was named in recognition of Whitney’s support of the hospital and the stained glass work is called “Las Caux Horse” by artist Jim Piercey and was provided by the State of Florida Construction Artwork program in 1993.

UF Large Animal Hospital reception area

Equine & Large Animal Reproduction

The large animal isolation facilities can accommodate any patient. Special protocols are required for staff and faculty in our isolation facilities and throughout our hospital based on our bio-security program. As with all stalls at UF, the stalls in this facility have windows because we believe that attitude plays a key role in healing and the outside view is beneficial.

UF Equine and Large Animal Breeding and Reproduction

Isolation Facilities

UF equine and large animal hospital isolation facilities


UF Large Animal Hospital barns

Equine & Large Animal Internal Medicine

All stalls in the UF equine and large animal internal medicine and neonatal foal unit contain dividers to allow a mare to be with her foal while one is being treated. The wing also houses a padded stall with a hoist for animals that are neurologically compromised and a wildlife stall for patients too large to be housed in small animal.

Equine & Large Animal Medicine

Equine and Large Animal Ophthalmology

More successful corneal transplants have been performed at UF than anywhere else in the world. For many reasons, UF’s equine ophthalmologists are known as experts in the treatment of problems with the equine eye. Our ophthalmology facilities also have a room lined entirely with copper for electrically sensitive procedures.

Equine Ophthalmologists inspects a horse

Outpatient Area

Every patient is managed by a board-certified veterinary specialist assisted by one or more residents who are veterinarians with one to four years of experience undergoing advanced training in that specialty. Trained veterinary technicians assist in the delivery of patient care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

UF Equine stalls

Stallion Facilities

The UF stallion facilities are located next to the reproduction facilities for the most efficient care and examinations. UF provides advanced stallion evaluations to prevent problems from happening during breeding and to find problems that arise. Our board certified reproduction veterinarians specialize in diagnosing and treating reproductive issues and working to solve behavior problems.

UF Stallion Facilties

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