The UF Equine & Large Animal Surgery service is available 24/7 for all large animal procedures and emergencies by calling (352) 392-2229. Our  veterinary surgeons are experts in advanced surgical procedures, emergency colic, and pain management, using the most advance techniques, tools and procedures available.

The surgery service works alongside all other services within the hospital, providing a wide range of modalities for diagnosis and treatment. Contact the UF Large Animal Hospital for emergencies or to speak with one of our veterinary specialists to see how we can help your animal. Large animal surgeries include:

Colic Surgery

Soft Tissue Surgery

Upper Respiratory Surgery

Ophthalmology Surgery

  • Equine cataract surgery
  • Corneal transplant surgery
  • Amnion grafts
  • Eye defect or eye injury repair

Reproductive Surgery

  • Urogenital surgery (male and female)
  • Cesarean section

Laparoscopic Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery

  • Fracture repair
  • Correction of angular limb deformities
  • Diagnostic & surgical arthroscopy
  • Bursoscopy

LASER Surgery

  • Upper respiratory diseases
  • Tumor removal
  • Uterine cysts

Miscellaneous Surgeries

  • Dental
  • Esophageal
  • Thoracic

Frequently Asked Questions

Veterinarians and Residents

  • Dr. Alison Morton, Service Chief
  • Dr. Anje Bauck
  • Dr. Adam Biedrzycki
  • Dr. David Freeman
  • Dr. Taralyn McCarrel
  • Dr. George Elane, Resident
  • Dr. Heather Roe, Resident
  • Dr. Meghan Wanstrath, Resident

More Information

The UF Large Animal Hospital veterinarians treat equine and large animal patients from the Gainesville, Ocala and Jacksonville areas, including Alachua and Marion Counties in Florida, and our clients come from all over the United States. Contact us to speak to one of our specialists or to make an appointment.

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