• What happens if my animal needs to be hospitalized?

Your animal may be admitted to the hospital immediately following your appointment for a diagnostic procedure or treatment. The doctor will discuss with you the initial treatment plan. We will need you to sign or give verbal authorization for the estimated cost of the treatment plan and we will collect 50% of the higher end. Verbal or written authorization is required before your animal undergoes a procedure. All documentation will be kept in a patient folder which will be given to you at the time of check out.

  • How often will I receive updates during my animal’s hospitalization?

If your animal is admitted, be sure to ask the doctor what time you will be called to receive an update on your animal’s condition. After any procedures or if there is a significant change in your animal’s condition, a veterinarian will contact you directly.

  • Can I schedule a time to visit my animal?

Yes. Please see our Patient Visitation Policy.

  • Can I leave personal belongings with my animal?

For your convenience, we provide feed, hay and shavings (additional fees will be added if double bedding is necessary). You are welcome to bring your own feed, supplements, current medications and a sheet and/or blanket for cooler weather.