UF Large Animal Hospital Veterinary Care Managers & Technicians

Every equine and large animal veterinary patient at the University of Florida Large Animal Hospital is managed by a board-certified veterinary specialist assisted by one or more residents and trained veterinary technicians.


Internal Medicine

  • Heather Wells


  • Jenna Moates


  • Holly Kitchen, CVT
  • Michelle Wilhelmy


  • Marvin Davilla


  • Courtney Bennett
  • Orlando Barrera
  • Megan Crosland
  • Samantha Findley
  • Tyler Hale
  • Natasha Obara
  • Kristine Wildner

Veterinary Treatment Technicians

  • ¬†Malorie Rickhoff, CVT,¬†Manager
  • First-Shift Treatment Technicians
    • Troi Keith
    • Karina Stein
    • Tracy Sutton
  • Second-Shift Treatment Technicians
    • Ashley Smythe
    • Savannah Shipes
    • Shelby Puterbaugh
  • Third-Shift Treatment Technicians
    • Taryn Davidson
    • Nicole Smith
    • Sue Starke