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Success Story: Sonny’s Joint Injury

Published: Jan 8th, 2014

Read about Sonny’s diagnosis & treatment of his life-threatening joint injury at UF.


Published: Nov 10th, 2011

This page is under construction.

Ultrasonography (US)

Published: Nov 9th, 2011

The University of Florida Veterinary Hospitals often use ultrasonography, a non-invasive diagnostic tool used to assess disease processes within the patient. How it works Sound waves emitted from a transducer […]

Equine Lameness & Imaging

Equine Lameness & Imaging

Published: Sep 14th, 2011

The veterinarians of the University of Florida Equine Lameness & Imaging Service specialize in the treatment and rehabilitation of poor performance in sport horses. We integrate multiple advanced diagnostic & imaging […]