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Equine Extended Care Service

Published: Jun 29th, 2016

Your First Choice for Long-term Healing at the University of Florida The UF Large Animal Hospital is pleased to announce an exciting new service exclusively for our clients. As of […]

Success Story: Grace’s Colic

Published: Sep 6th, 2013

Coming home to find your horse down and in pain is a worst nightmare for any horse owner. Read Dawn Cucinotta’s story about Grace’s life-saving colic surgery at UF.

Success Story: A Friesian Colic

Success Story: A Friesian Colic

Published: Mar 27th, 2013

A bout with colic took Watse, a 600-kg Fresian, out of the ring for more than nine months. Click to read the story of the emergency surgery that saved Watse’s life.

Horse owner alert: Cribbing and Colic

Published: Dec 11th, 2012

The UF Large Animal Surgery Service is informing horse owners about the dangers of cribbing, a stable vice that can lead to epiploic foramen entrapment, a type of colic that can cause death if not treated promptly by surgery.

Horse Owner Alert: Dangers with round bale netting

Published: Sep 13th, 2012

Recently, two horses from the same farm came to the UF Large Animal Hospital about two days apart showing the same clinical signs of colic. Both horses had surgery at the UF Large Animal Hospital and each had an identical hard impaction in the large colon.

Recurrent Colic

Published: Sep 7th, 2012

Information provided by Dr. Amanda House, Veterinarian of UF Large Animal Internal Medicine, Associate Professor, DACVIM, Equine Extension Specialist, and Course Director of the Practice-Based Equine Clerkship Program. What is […]

Understanding Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO) in the Horse

Published: Aug 22nd, 2012

RAO, also known as heaves, broken wind, and chronic airway reactivity, is a common respiratory disease of horses characterized by airway narrowing (bronchoconstriction), mucus production, and bronchospasm. Read more to learn the clinical signs and causes of RAO and what you can do if your horse has RAO.

Success Story of the Month: Emergency Colic Surgery

Published: Jun 29th, 2012

Colic can be difficult to prevent, but when Adrienne Hudson’s Arabian, Ruby, began showing clinical signs of colic, Hudson was prepared and knew exactly what to do. Read Ruby’s story of her bout with colic that led to an emergency visit to the UF Large Animal Hospital.

Does my horse need psyllium or a supplement if I feed him good-quality hay?

Published: Mar 7th, 2012

We might not have a good answer for every situation. The reason is that certain horses might be at greater risk than others because they are less discriminating eaters than other horses or have an underlying digestive disorder that predisposes them to impactions. The other important issue is sand access.



Published: Sep 14th, 2011

The UF Equine & Large Animal Surgery service is available 24/7 for all large animal procedures and emergencies by calling 352-392-2229. Our  veterinary surgeons are experts in advanced surgical procedures, […]