Mare Breeding Management Options

Mare Breeding Management Options

Thank you for your interest in our mare breeding management programs. We offer several discounted package options. These packages have been designed to accommodate three main variables:

  • AI with fresh or frozen semen (timed AI only)
  • Stall or paddock board
  • Number of days boarded here

All packages include a physical exam, 4-5 days breeding management (ultrasound examinations and teasing), ovulatory induction agent and the first pregnancy examination (performed at or around 14 days post-ovulation). Board and daily care are also included. Package prices vary based on stall or paddock board and short-term or long-term stay. There are 4 different options for both, fresh and frozen semen management, for an overall number of 8 choices.

AI cooled/shipped semen:

  1. AI with cooled/shipped semen and 6 days paddock – $586.64
  2. AI with cooled/shipped semen and 18 days paddock – $899.38
  3. AI with cooled/shipped semen and 6 days stall – $803.22
  4. AI with cooled/shipped semen and 18 days stall – $1,541.66

Timed AI with frozen semen:

  1. Timed AI with frozen semen and 6 days paddock – $638.40
  2. Timed AI with frozen semen and 18 days paddock- $941.70
  3. Timed AI with frozen semen and 6 days stall – $855.98
  4. Timed AI with frozen semen and 18 days stall – $1,594.92

If breeding with frozen semen using the timed AI approach, 2 doses of semen must be available per breeding cycle. If there is only one dose, timed AI is not an option and the breeding management will be considered to be intensive, which does not qualify for the package price. Routine intensive management with 6 days stall (required for intensive management) board will cost about $1,600.00/cycle.

All of these prices apply to mares that come in with a follicle that is ready for induction of ovulation. Cost for mares that arrive early for breeding management will be greater and will depend on where they are in their cycle upon arrival. In addition, the cost of any drugs used (for sedation or other therapies) or any additional treatments, such as uterine lavage, will be extra.

We would be delighted to work with you and your mares! If you have any questions about our breeding programs, please contact us at (352) 392-2229.

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