Lameness Locator™

What is the Lameness LocatorTM for horses?

The UF Equine Lameness & Imaging service uses the Lameness LocatorTM which may be included in lameness examinations. The Lameness LocatorTM is a wireless motion analysis system that uses sensors to detect asymmetries in gait that may not be seen by the human eye. The sensor data is based on algorithms developed by years of extensive motion analysis research.

How does the Lameness LocatorTM work?

Motion sensors are placed on the horse’s poll, pastern and pelvis, and are wirelessly tracked by a portable computer. The quantifiable data is transmitted to the computer instantly, helping pinpoint subtle, difficult or multiple lamenesses and quantitate lameness of all varieties. The sensors weigh less than 30 grams each and do not affect the evaluation.

The data from the sensors can show the location (limb(s)) of asymmetry in the gait, the severity of the lameness, and at what stance in the gait the lameness appears.

When is the Lameness LocatorTM helpful?

The Lameness LocatorTM is a unique diagnostic tool that aids in the diagnosis of lameness. It may be used throughout the lameness examination and aids your veterinarian in localizing a lameness issue for complete diagnosis and appropriate treatment.


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