Additional Questions

  • Will you be conducting research on my animal?

We will never include a patient in our research without the owner’s consent.

  • How do I receive a copy of my animal’s medical record?

Contact Client Relations to request copies by dialing 352-392-2229. A Client Liaison will indicate the charges for processing the copies of the requested records and a consent form to release medical information will be sent to you to be completed prior to processing your request.

  • How do I get a refill on a prescription?

If you have a prescription from us and it says that you have refills available, please call the pharmacy at 352-294-4614. If you would like the prescription mailed to you, prepayment will be required along with the shipping fee. For more information, visit the UF Veterinary Pharmacy website.

  • Can my animal take part in any clinical trials?

Depending on the criteria for our clinical trials, your animal may be able to participate.

Visit the large animal clinical trials page.

  • What if I am interested in attending the UF College of Veterinary Medicine?

Visit the UF Veterinary Education website.

  • Does the UF Large Animal Hospital have any volunteer opportunities available?

Unfortunately, the UF Large Animal Hospital does not have any volunteer opportunities.

  • Does the UF Large Animal Hospital have any job openings available?

    Click to view all jobs at the University of Florida, including jobs within the UF College of Veterinary Medicine.