Stallion Sperm Analysis From UF Large Animal Reproduction Veterinarian

Dr. Pozor is available for advanced stallion evaluations and stallion behavior problems at the UF Large Animal Hospital

Dr. Malgorzata Pozor was recently featured in an article highlighting her research findings from the American Association of Equine Practitioners 2012 Conference. Dr. Pozor’s research stated that while there are various ways to analyze sperm morphology, some are more economical and easier to perform than others. While the gold standard of this test is phase contrast microscopy, bright field microscopy with various staining methods, such as Eosin-Nigrosin or Dip Quick stains can be used as well; Dr. Pozor reported that all three methods showed similar results. Furthermore, the Dip Quick stain worked best when the slides were exposed to each staining solution for 30 minutes instead of shorter times.

For more information about stallion morphology analysis, please contact the UF Large Animal Hospital at 352-392-2229.

Dr. Pozor is board-certified in veterinary reproduction and is available for advanced stallion services and ultrasonography. Dr. Pozor has more than 25 years of experience in stallion reproduction and provides expertise in diagnosing stallion behavior and physiological problems using the most advanced imaging techniques and applications. To contact Dr. Pozor directly, email at


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