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Equine Extended Care Service

Equine Extended Care Service

Published: Jun 29th, 2016

Your First Choice for Long-term Healing at the University of Florida The UF Large Animal Hospital is pleased to announce an exciting new service exclusively for our clients. As of […]

Horse Owner Alert: Dangers with round bale netting

Published: Sep 13th, 2012

Recently, two horses from the same farm came to the UF Large Animal Hospital about two days apart showing the same clinical signs of colic. Both horses had surgery at the UF Large Animal Hospital and each had an identical hard impaction in the large colon.



Published: Sep 12th, 2012

Information provided by Dr. Robert MacKay, Veterinarian of UF Large Animal Medicine, Professor, DACVIM, PhD, BVSc (Dist). Dr. Robert MacKay has been featured in articles about EPM and at the […]

Tour Our Facilities

Published: Aug 23rd, 2012

Our equine and large animal veterinary specialists in surgery, internal medicine, reproduction, radiology, sports medicine and rehabilitation, ophthalmology, cardiology, anesthesiology and dermatology use the most advanced diagnostics and treatment options available in the state of Florida. Click on the link below for a tour of our Gainesville, Florida facilities and our services.

Lucas Ibarbia

Lucas Ibarbia

Published: Jul 26th, 2012

Resident, Food Animal Reproduction and Medicine Service (FARMS) Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences FARMS PO Box 100136 2015 SW 16th Ave Gainesville, FL 32610 352-294-4387 – FARMS Office […]

Eastern Equine Encephalitis

Published: Jul 18th, 2012

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) has been detected in Alachua County recently. The current hot, humid conditions are very conducive to EEE infection because they support the development of abundant mosquito populations. Read the facts about EEE for horse owners from UF Large Animal Veterinarian, Dr. Robert MacKay.

Stallion Treated at UF is Now 2012 Celebration Breyer Horse Model

Published: Jun 27th, 2012

An American Drum Horse stallion named Mariah’s Boon was a model patient when he received two surgeries for an abdominal abscess caused by a wire that had penetrated his stomach. Watch the video of Boon’s successful outcome and life as a Breyer Horse Model.

Name That Foal Contest Winner: Jamie & Joey

Published: Jun 12th, 2012

Congratulations to Jamie for being a winner of the Name That Foal contest from this year’s UF College of Veterinary Medicine Open House!

Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories

Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories

Published: Apr 4th, 2012

The UF Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories provide large and small animal veterinarians with accurate and timely laboratory results and phone consultations by board-certified veterinary pathologists. We offer local courier pickup for […]

Other Species

Other Species

Published: Jan 9th, 2012

The wide range of services and veterinarians allow the UF Large Animal Hospital to offer superior care to all large animals; not just horses. The UF veterinarians treat goats, alpacas, […]