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Horse owner alert: Cribbing and Colic

Published: December 11th, 2012

The UF Large Animal Surgery Service is informing horse owners about the dangers of cribbing, a stable vice that can lead to epiploic foramen entrapment, a type of colic that can cause death if not treated promptly by surgery.

CE Opportunity for Veterinarians

Published: November 14th, 2012

Please join us for a fun and informative veterinary business event. Learn how to grow your veterinary practice and achieve all of your business goals, whether you are an owner, associate or student. Registration is free for the first 100 to sign up and practitioners can receive up to 5 CE credits!

Success Story of the Month: Septic Foal Care

Published: November 6th, 2012

Neonatal foal diseases can appear suddenly and can also be fatal. Read the story of Zara, the Arabian that was diagnosed with an infectious disease that is the most common cause of death in newborn foals.

Showy Crotalaria and Horses

Published: November 5th, 2012

Showy crotalaria is a plant that grows wild in Florida and is toxic to horses and other farm animals. Click to learn more about how it can affect your animals and the clinical signs to watch for.

What is a board-certified veterinary specialist?

What is a board-certified veterinary specialist?

Published: October 30th, 2012

A board-certified veterinary specialist is a veterinarian that has advanced training in a specific area of veterinary medicine and passed an examination in that specialty.

West Nile Virus Update: November, 2012

Published: October 24th, 2012

West Nile Virus activity has increased throughout various counties in Florida. Read a West Nile Virus report update from the Florida Department of Health.

Success Story of the Month: The LaMancha Emergency

Published: October 18th, 2012

When breeding goats, kids can seem fine one minute and become an emergency situation the next. Read the story of Maddy-Lynn, the LaMancha goat, who was rushed to the UF Large Animal Hospital on the day she was born for a life-saving emergency.

Farm City Council Tour & Luncheon

Published: October 16th, 2012

The tour will travel to Ocala Stud, where visitors will see a working thoroughbred farm including facilities for care and training of young horses. Other tour stops include the Florida Thoroughbred, Breeders and Owners Association.

Success Story of the Month: A Sound Treatment Plan

Published: October 14th, 2012

What happens when your young or middle-aged horse develops lameness? Follow the lameness treatment plan of Roanie, the 13-year-old Quarter Horse, who developed navicular disease.

West Nile Virus: Transmission, Diagnosis and Prevention

Published: October 1st, 2012

The last two weeks of September and the first two weeks of October usually represent the highest activity for mosquitoes in North Florida. Click to read about West Nile Virus transmission, diagnosis and prevention.