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Equine and Large Animal Veterinary and Animal Technicians

UF Large Animal Hospital StaffEvery equine and large animal veterinary patient at the University of Florida Large Animal Hospital is managed by a board-certified veterinary specialist assisted by one or more residents and trained veterinary technicians.


  • Kelly Higgs-Rick, LVT, Nursing Care Manager
  • Hana Hines, LVT, Surgery Service Manager
  • Jen Sager, CVT, VTS, ¬†Anesthesia Manager

UF Anesthesia Service

  • Brittney Alexander, CVT
  • Castanon, Amalie, CVT
  • Desiree Ambruso, CVT
  • Lauran Capolon, CVT
  • Tiffany Roberts, CVT
  • Terry Torres, LVT, VTS
  • Laura Vasquez, CVT

Large Animal Medicine Outpatient Technician

  • Heather Wells

Large Animal Reproduction Outpatient Technician

  • Kevin Shelton

Large Animal Surgery Outpatient Technicians

  • Gino Mattucci
  • Samantha Findley

Large Animal Surgery Surgical Technician

  • Courtney Bennett
  • Tracy Sutton

Large Animal Ophthalmology Outpatient Technicians

  • Holly Kitchen
  • Michelle Wilhelmy

Large Animal Hospital Veterinary Technicians

  • First-Shift Treatment Technicians
    • Anita Anderson
    • Ashley Hudson
    • Sarah Johnson, CVT
    • Audrey Tarlton
  • Second-Shift Treatment Technicians
    • Cheryl Gallowitz, CVT
    • Katie Orben, CVT
  • Third-Shift Treatment Technicians
    • Jenna Moates
    • Nicole Paisley
    • Sue Starke


  • Jody Schaible