Success Stories

The UF Large Animal Hospital features success stories every month, highlighting the veterinary processes for diagnosing and treating equine or other large animal diseases or medical issues. Stories are posted on our website and Facebook. Stay tuned for future stories!

Recent Posts

Success Story: Wonder’s Recovery from Pericarditis & Pleuropneumonia

Read about the 7-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse, Wonder, and her recovery from pericarditis and pleuropneumonia at UF.

I had a great experience at the UF large animal hospital

Iris came to the clinic with lameness in her back and hind limb. The exam was very thorough, by examining her and riding her in the fabulous new riding ring at the clinic.

Zebu recuperating at home after treatment at UF for kidney injury

Zebu recuperating at home after treatment at UF for kidney injury A family’s beloved pet miniature zebu is recuperating at his home after receiving life-saving hemodialysis treatment for severe kidney […]

Colic & Lipoma Surgery

When Cowboy the Quarter Horse began to experience colic, his clinical signs led to an emergency surgery at UF.

One Horse, Several Episodes of Colic

What happens when a horse continues to colic? Read about Wyatt and the preventative colic procedure performed at UF.

Success Story: Sonny’s Joint Injury

Read about Sonny's diagnosis & treatment of his life-threatening joint injury at UF.

Success Story: Feta the Pygmy Goat

When an ultrasound revealed a uterine mass, Feta the pygmy goat was rushed to UF for a surgical procedure that saved her life.

Success Story: An Uncommon Procedure for Equines

Read about the uncommon yet simple technique performed by UF Veterinarians that helped Emagine, a 5-year-old warmblood, get back into the ring.

Success Story: Grace’s Colic

Coming home to find your horse down and in pain is a worst nightmare for any horse owner. Read Dawn Cucinotta’s story about Grace’s life-saving colic surgery at UF.

Success Story: Equine Choke

Read about the 30-year-old Quarter Horse, Bayla, and her treatment at UF of a condition known as choke.