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When It’s Time to Call the Vet

No one knows your horse better than you do. Identifying subtle changes will help improve communication with your veterinarian should an issue arise.  

Mr. Pollack, Bandit, and Dr. McCarrel

Success Story: Overcoming the Challenges of Fracture Repair and Rehabilitation

Read about Bandit, a 12-year-old Paso Fino gelding, who underwent fracture repair surgery and extensive postoperative care at the UF Large Animal Hospital.

Equine Extended Care Service at UF

The UF Large Animal Hospital has launched an exciting new service exclusively for our clients.

Macrolide-Induced Hyperthermia in Foals

UF veterinarians conducted a study and found that erythromycin, which is used to treat bacterial infections, disrupts the foals’ ability to sweat. Owners and caretakers should take precautions.

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Recent News

Success Story: Wonder’s Recovery from Pericarditis & Pleuropneumonia

Read about the 7-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse, Wonder, and her recovery from pericarditis and pleuropneumonia at UF.

Poisonous Pasture Plants

Be watchful of these potentially toxic pasture plants and make sure your horse, cattle, goats, poultry, and dogs do not have access to them.

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Digesting the juice cleanse

As the temperatures rise and days lengthen, we shed our layers. Coats go into closets, boots give way to sandals. Summertime is right around the corner. For some people, it’s the perfect time to...

Protecting parrots against a parasitic killer

If you have one parrot or a flock, you need to know about a parasite that could be deadly to your feathered friends. Sarcocystis [sar-koh-CIST-is] falcatula [fal-cah-TOO-la] thrives in warm humid...

Signs saving lives

When you’re not home, the safety of your pets might depend on the kindness of strangers. That’s when pet alerts can save the day. Pet alert stickers on your home’s windows and doors tell...

What our clients have to say:

I had a great experience at the UF large animal hospital

Iris came to the clinic with lameness in her back and hind limb. The exam was very thorough, by examining her and riding her in the fabulous new riding ring at the clinic.